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Terms & Conditions

 Minimum Loan amount will be Rs. 10,000/- and maximum Loan amount No limit.

Loan Amount interest rate of 8.0% to 12.5% Yearly flat.

 Loan approval validity is 2 days.​

 Repayment of Loan will be on monthly installment bases along with interest.​

 Tenure of repayments will be minimum 1year and maximum 30 years.​

Loan may be given to any person working in State/ Central Government within India.

 If the full an final repayment of the Loan amount is made before the stipulated period then applicant may get relaxation on pending amount interest.

 File charges and expenditure regarding property verification, Mortgage deed, registration, Verification ,Guaranty deed registration, Guarantors Verification, Agent Commission etc. will be bear by the applicant.

 After considering all the facts and aspects of the loan application, applicant will be intimated in due course of time regarding approval of loan by the financial firm/ Company.

 If the customer fails to complete the loan procedure, all the Company Legal Charges(processing fees and other charges), in that case, are held non-refundable and if company stop the process regarding company issue then all charges have paid are refundable.

 If EMI will deposit late then 2.0% Per day charges will apply of EMI Amount.

After submitting all papers and completing all formalities as per firms/ Company’s requirement by the applicant, the financial Firm/Company will disburse the loan Before one week through Cheque or Online

All documentation should be completed within 7 days from the date of issuing of approval letter otherwise the company will cancel the loan application.

if you sign and send it to us on the company ‘s approval. it shows that you accept the terms & conditions of our company and you want to proceed according to the given procedure of our company.

The process of refund is the progress of the company at given time. it may also take 60 to 90 days max. File will be cancelled after 15 days if the procedure is incomplete.

 Amount of loan allowed up a maximum 95% of the current market value of the property offered in mortgage.

Property of any type from anywhere in India is acceptable.

Legal charges is required to be born and paid by borrower after getting the loan approval letter, if approval and only after having received the loan sanction commitment letter from us by the borrower.

Installment payable on monthly basis.

Misuse of any approval /sanction letter or any other documents given by company to customer shall be at their own risk.

95% of amount is refundable if the company cancels your loan file due to any reason But if the client stops its process or cancels the file, then the amount will not be refund in that condition.

Company may also suspend services on the web/loan cancel request for any customer at its sole discretion without assigning any reason whatsoever. In such event customer unable to complete his process.

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